Ottawa teacher Shelby Hayter is awarded PSC’s highest honour

Ottawa school teacher, Shelby Hayter, has been awarded one of Parkinson Society Canada’s highest honours, the Morton Shulman Award, for her determination and creative spirit in piloting a unique educational program aimed at children in elementary schools and for teaching over 10,000 children what it means to live with Parkinson’s. In the Pass the Baton … Read more

Fellowship award winners announced

Parkinson Society is pleased to announce that, commencing July 1, 2009, fellowships for post-residency training, have been awarded to: • Dr. Manon Bouchard (one year) • Dr. Amitabh Gupta (one year) • Dr. Michael Sidel (two years) Dr. Manon Bouchard Clinical Movement Disorders Fellowship ($50,000) Foothills Hospital, University of Calgary Neurologist Dr. Manon Bouchard will … Read more

How can I get the most out of my relationship with the members of my healthcare team?

Dr. Douglas Everett Hobson Neurologist Director, Movement Disorders Clinic, Deer Lodge Centre Winnipeg, Manitoba • Stay in touch with your family physician. Even if he or she defers decisions about Parkinson’s disease to a specialist, your primary care physician is often the person who will carry out the specialist’s suggestions. • Arrive on time for appointments or … Read more

NEW – Progression of Parkinson’s Disease information sheet

This document has been prepared to help you become more informed about Parkinson’s. It is designed to answer questions about Parkinson’s and how it might progress. Included are some suggestions on how to prepare for the Parkinson’s journey. (Download PDF) comments

Focus on creativity

Creative Expressions is a new web page we have launched to honour the artistic talents of the many people with Parkinson’s who have chosen to communicate and express themselves through creative writing, visual art and crafts. Visit Creative Expressions to see their work. comments

Working with One Voice

By Yvon Trepanier, Chair, National Advocacy Committee First steps taken toward national research study Over 3,000 people with or affected by neurological disorders responded to an online questionnaire, in February 2009, asking what types of information should be collected for a four-year national research study to uncover the incidence, prevalence, risk factors and impacts of … Read more

SuperWalk for Parkinson’s 2009 registration is now open!

Register Here! You could win one of two terrific Early Bird prizes! SuperWalk for Parkinson’s 2009 takes place on Saturday, September 12th and Sunday, September 13th, in over 80 communities across Canada. Join in the excitement as SuperWalk heroes unite to bring Canadians one step closer to a cure for Parkinson’s. You have made SuperWalk … Read more

Critical Illness Insurance

By Mark Halpern, CFP Members of the Parkinson community know that a critical illness is a life-altering experience. That’s why healthy family members, friends and caregivers need to know about Critical Illness Insurance (CI) and why it’s so important to get CI while you are healthy. CI pays a lump sum, tax free, 30 days … Read more