Medication Alert: Major changes to Sinemet and Levocarb

If you take Sinemet or the generic form Levocarb, please be aware that, over the past 18 months, the supply of Sinemet and Levocarb has changed; the markings on the Sinemet CR (controlled release) and Sinemet IR (immediate release) pills have also changed. These changes include new colours, shapes, markings, non-medicinal ingredients and storage conditions. … Read more

In the News

Parkinson’s isn’t a homogenous disease An interview with Dr. Francesca Cicchetti, Associate Professor and researcher at Laval University, in Tandem, the English-language complement to Corriere Canadese, Canada’s Italian newspaper. New insights into Parkinson’s Parkinson’s Disease: Why Dopamine Replacement Therapy Has a Paradoxical Effect On Cognition Potential Cause of Severe Sleep Disorder Discovered, Implications for Parkinson’s … Read more

Educational resources now available in additional languages

Parkinson’s: the Facts Progression of Parkinson’s Disease Information Sheet Parkinson’s Medications – What you need to know! Taking Control – 10 steps to help you cope with a recent diagnosis of Parkinson’s These resources are now available online in Chinese, German, Italian, Punjabi and Spanish, in addition to English and French, making them accessible to … Read more

Advances in Parkinson’s: Rethinking a challenging disease

By Amanda Strong, Medical Writer, Montreal, QC This article was scheduled to be published in June in Dimensions, the online magazine of the National Research Council of Canada. Recent progress in our understanding of Parkinson’s disease is challenging long-established beliefs and may even pave the way for a cure. Not long ago, Parkinson’s disease was a bit … Read more

Genetic discrimination bill introduced in Ontario legislature

On May 18, 2011, Liberal MPP Mike Colle (Eglinton-Lawrence) introduced a private member’s bill in the Ontario legislature to amend the Ontario Human Rights Code to include “genetic characteristics” as a prohibited ground of discrimination, along with race, marital status and disability. If passed, the bill, would prohibit insurance providers from denying coverage or charging … Read more

Advocacy: Driving better policy

By Yvon Trepanier, Chair, National Advocacy Committee Fast forward to 2011,In 2005, Parkinson Society Canada’s national advocacy committee set a big goal – to launch a national study to learn about the impact of Parkinson’s disease in Canada. Little did they know, this national study would grow to become Canada’s first-ever study of not only … Read more

Parkinson Society rings the bell to open Toronto Stock Exchange

Parkinson Society opened the Toronto Stock Exchange on Wednesday, April 13th, to resounding applause from the 100 guests, donors, volunteers and board members of Parkinson Society Central & Northern Ontario and Parkinson Society Canada. Hosted by Parkinson Society Central & Northern Ontario, the event launched the April Parkinson’s Awareness Month among the corporate sector. The … Read more

Parkinson Alberta Society receives Dr. Morton Shulman Award

Congratulations to Parkinson Alberta Society for winning the Dr. Morton Shulman Award, one of Parkinson Society Canada’s highest honours. The award was made in recognition of the outstanding achievements of Parkinson Society Alberta and Parkinson Society Southern Alberta which recently amalgamated into one organization to better serve the needs of the 8,000 Albertans with Parkinson’s. … Read more