Protecting crucial brain cells from too much calcium

Within the last decade, researchers discovered that people taking drugs that block calcium channels to treat high blood pressure enjoy a lower risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. This serendipitous discovery opened an avenue of research into the relationship between calcium and mitochondria—tiny components within cells that convert oxygen and sugar into energy. Mitochondria need calcium … Read more

Understanding the Brain’s Way of Walking

Most of us don’t have to think about what we’re doing when walk—whether it’s a stroll around our neighbourhood or moving from one room to another. But for many people with Parkinson’s disease, walking is a conscious activity that requires intense concentration, because they are afraid they will fall or become rooted to the ground. … Read more

Ride. Dance. Walk. Let’s get moving!

Are you or a loved one struggling with Parkinson’s disease? Fight back with exercise. So many people with Parkinson’s who cross our path are not deterred by the fact that there is no cure—yet! They embrace the challenge in the same way that they embrace daily life with Parkinson’s: they enquire, they discover and they … Read more

Shall We Dance?

There is evidence that exercise, especially strenuous activity, builds muscle and brain power in people with Parkinson’s. Dance appears to meet many, if not all, of the recommended components for exercise programs designed for individuals with Parkinson’s. That’s because dance includes elements to improve balance and gait function, as well as improve quality of life. … Read more

Unmasking molecular culprits in Parkinson’s disease

Mohamed Eldeeb, a researcher at McGill University, is looking for molecules that regulate a crucial gene linked to the onset of Parkinson’s disease. Using the advanced genome editing approach known as CRISPR, he intends to identify the particular agents that allow cells in the brain to become compromised, so that they no longer produce the … Read more

Helping people with Parkinson’s drive longer and safer

Stopping driving is a major blow to the independence of people with Parkinson’s disease. At Western University, Professors Liliana Alvarez and Jeffrey Holmes test the effectiveness of car warning systems that beep or flash flights if a car is in the driver’s blind spot when they switch lanes. If they confirm this existing technology could … Read more

The Gift of Life Insurance to Parkinson Canada

When you think of donating to a charity such as Parkinson Canada, have you considered how you might help both you and the charity at the same time? Life insurance is one of the often overlooked ways of donating to a charity. Donating life insurance can be an excellent way to transform affordable premium payments … Read more

Call for Researcher Applications

Application Deadline is February 4, 2019 Apply here Research holds the key to unlock the mysteries of Parkinson’s disease, to improve your quality of life through better treatments, and to move us closer to a cure. The Parkinson Canada Research Program funds research to improve our understanding of Parkinson’s disease, related disorders including Multiple System … Read more