Canada gearing up for Parkinson Canada SuperWalk

This September, families, friends and volunteers across the country will come together to show that nothing stands in Canada’s way as we walk together on the path to a world without Parkinson’s – No Matter What. The movement has grown over several decades to more than 80 locations and thousands of participants. That’s why Parkinson … Read more

Events and News

September 2019 Join our movement of more than 80 communities and 10,000 participants across Canada. Parkinson Canada SuperWalk takes place each September. Across the country, walkers, donors and volunteers band together to show one another they are not alone in standing up to Parkinson’s. Since 1990, walkers have raised more than $38 Million (including $2.35 Million in … Read more

Message from the CEO, Joyce Gordon

In our third year as Parkinson Canada we continue to advance the bold vision set by our Board of Directors. Our fundraising efforts continue to yield great results and the important work we do to help thousands of Canadians living with Parkinson’s across the country would not be possible without our generous donors. Your support … Read more

Looking into the cells of fruit flies could reveal the future of Parkinson treatment for humans

At a specialized laboratory in the Baylor College of Medicine, postdoctoral associate Paul Marcogliese is studying a malfunction in multiple genetic models of Parkinson’s disease in fruit flies. In addition to indicating genetic abnormalities that could indicate an individual’s prospects of developing this condition, the work could reveal targets for potential drug treatments to correct … Read more

Honing in on proteins

Research into the causes of Parkinson’s disease increasingly focuses on the interaction among proteins in brain cells. At McGill University, PhD candidate Marisa Cressatti studies the interaction between two proteins, called alpha-synuclein and heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1). If she discovers that HO-1 can accelerate the spread and accumulation of alpha-synuclein, the protein found in clumps in the … Read more

News and Events: July 2019

Imagine Canada Parkinson Canada is proud of our continued accreditation as one of only 240 organizations in good standing in the Imagine Canada Standards Program. Mark Your Calendars September 2019 What is SuperWalk? Find a Walk  Join our movement of more than 80 communities and 10,000 participants across Canada. Parkinson Canada SuperWalk takes place each … Read more

Parkinson Canada Hosted the Care Partner Summit

A person’s life story changes after a diagnosis of Parkinson’s. There begins a chapter of collaboration in care. Whether you are caring with or for a person living with Parkinson’s, it is certain to involve you more and more over time and increase your understanding of the experience of another person. Caregiving is a part … Read more

Caring for the whole person

The Movement Disorders Clinic at Toronto’s University Health Network is among the top clinics in the world for treating Parkinson’s disease. During her fellowship there, Dr. Sarah Lidstone will study ways to improve treatment for people living with Parkinson’s, including studying innovative models of care in Europe and the UK. Funded by Pedaling for Parkinson’s in … Read more