I love you just the way you are

Nicole Therrien could not have known what was to come when accepting a ‘blind date’ over 20 years ago. For André Guimond, it was love at first sight and their lives changed rapidly as they moved in shortly after that first meeting. Living in Montreal, they shared a passion for life and travelled the world. … Read more

Glutamate: The Other Brain Chemical

Glutamate is the most abundant chemical in the brain, sending constant communication signals between nerve cells. Until recently, its role in Parkinson’s disease has been a mystery. That’s because most researchers’ attention has been focused on dopamine, another signalling chemical, whose loss is responsible for the stiffness, tremor and shakiness people with this disease experience. … Read more

Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) – Have your say

The Government of Canada announced a public consultation on Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) that will close on January 27, 2020. If you are interested in responding to the consultation, more information and the questionnaire are available at: www.justice.gc.ca/eng/cons/ad-am/index.html Parkinson Canada’s position statement and supporting documentation on MAID are available at: www.parkinson.ca/about-us/position-statements-policies/ Parkinson Canada will … Read more

’Tis the Season for Growth and Reflection

This was a very exciting year of change, growth and carving new paths. Since the union of six Parkinson’s organizations in 2016 into one Parkinson Canada, we continue to take the bold steps needed to grow our capacity to reach more people with Parkinson’s, effectively and efficiently. This is more important than ever given that … Read more

To Paint — To Dream

Susan Bucovetsky was diagnosed with Parkinson’s over 12 years ago. Susan has been painting for numerous years in Montreal, Quebec. After running a successful business in Europe for several years, while living in Canada, she chose to retire so that she could more fully devote herself to her passion. She became an accomplished quilter and … Read more

Seeking a synaptic solution to Parkinson’s disease

Dr. Hideto Takahashi, a researcher at the Montreal Clinical Research Institute, has pointed to a protein called neurexin as a key contributor to neurodegenerative disease. This agent is a building block of synapses, the vital links between neurons that allows these brain cells to communicate with one another. Neurexin also moderates agents associated with the … Read more

Weighing the therapeutic potential of omega-3 and exercise

Olivier Kerdiles, a doctoral student at Université Laval, is exploring the possibility that diet and exercise could prevent the onset of Parkinson’s disease as well as reduce the loss of neurons and even reverse other negative effects. He is studying omega-3, a group of fatty acids known to be beneficial to our metabolism, which might … Read more