New Resource and Webinar: Preventing Falls for People Living with Parkinson’s

November is Fall Prevention Month, a time when individuals and organizations are encouraged to take action to prevent falls – a significant issue for the Parkinson community. This month, we’re launching a new resource to address this important topic. 

Falls can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime and having Parkinson’s will increase your risk of falls. Prevention and planning can reduce your risk for falls.  

Not all falls can be prevented, but there are things you can do to keep yourself safe and reduce the number of falls and injury. 

That’s why Parkinson Canada has partnered with authors Nicole Acerra, Michelle McCarthy and Skyla Burden to develop a new resource: Preventing Falls for People Living with Parkinson’s.  

The wait list is now open for this book on, and a webinar is scheduled for November 30 to launch this resource which will help identify some of the causes of falls and suggest simple and practical suggestions to keep you active, independent, and on your feet. 

Pre-register to receive an electronic or print copy of this resource and register for the webinar on November 30. 

1 thought on “New Resource and Webinar: Preventing Falls for People Living with Parkinson’s”

  1. Three years ago (before my PD diagnosis was confirmed), I had an Ischematic fall….and was followed up (after I had stitches in my forehead for banging my head
    on the bathtub when I fell) after the ER experience with a little machine that checked my heart beat for a day or two….. What I don’t understand is why no doctor mentioned to me that this ITA experience is considered a “Mini-Stroke” nor did anyone tell me what I could do to improve the odds of having another (such a baby aspirin? Maybe that’s contraindicated by other meds I take?)…..
    It should be said I have a life long history of the occasional fainting episodes that was more common when I was younger (now I’m 78 and that last black out was the last in three years).


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